LALA hanging planter


The Lala beaded hanging planter perfect for that little nook requiring a touch of greenery.

Just the right mix of silicone and raw wooden beads that will go with any decor. Especially as you get to choose which colour cord you'd like to include. There are a few different colours to choose from - black, charcoal, light grey, natural coloured or white - so you can literally customise your planter to your decor.

Regular length drop (before a pot is placed in the hanging planter) is 950mm. These are made to order so if you require a different length drop this can be arranged (there may be an additional cost for longer lengths - please email me for a quote)

Fits most size small-medium sized pots + bowls (the wider the pot the shorter the drop will become). Ensure the pot is no heavier than 1kg (including plant + soil).

Does not include pot or hook. Recommended for indoor + covered balcony use.

*As this is a made to order item, please allow 1wk assembly time before your order is shipped.

*Not a fan of the bead colours? Message or email me to discuss your custom order!

+ When watering your plant we recommend removing the pot from the hanging planter and waiting until all water has drained from the bottom of the pot. Bear in mind - your pot will become heavier after watering!
+ To clean just wipe over with a damp cloth, we don't recommend submerging in water.

*All prices in AUD